Monique Gonzalez aka MoMo

MoMo shared a bit of her world with us , expressed wheat her thoughts on being UNSTOPPABLE..Enjoy!

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Momo holds the #LiveVivacious Queen throne during Hispanic Heritage Month. Take a quick venture into her world and understand why we reigned her.👑  A young queen is a young lady who has decided to step up and take charge of her life. Who despite the measures society places on the women of today, Has overcome the obstacles through hard work, perseverance, dance and faith.  A young queen relates to people through fashion, love and art while setting an example. She always looks for the positive resolution to any obstacle in their way. Hail Queen Momo and don't forget to #LiveUnstopable Check out more of what our queen of the month has going on by visiting: @HeresMoMo Makeup: @selena_willcutyou Creative direction : @Meli.anndrea Styling: @Christelle.blanche Videographer: @Martin_Framez