Vivacious, INC was founded on September 2012 in West Palm Beach, FL by a group of women set on a mission to make a difference in today’s society. Their objective? To empower women through positivity and self-awareness and encourage them to become the best version of themselves they can be. Their conviction that by believing we are equipped with what it takes to live unstoppable and create our own futures we can empower those around us. They aim to make a difference by touching as many lives as they can through charitable events and fashion trends with a goal to build a strong foundation within their surroundings.

They are firm believers that the past accelerates you towards your future and so they brand themselves through their first product, vintage sunglasses. Inspired by the sentiment that our aptitude, our view of the world, and our ability to see what others may not see combine and diminish our limits. Profits from their sales will benefit charities in their community.

A movement of strength, choice and courage. Empowered living isn’t just their slogan, it’s their lifestyle.